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QuickBooks Error Code 1303

QuickBooks Desktop installation errors are very frequent, and one such issue that a user may encounter is QuickBooks Error Code 1303. “Error 1303: The installer does not have adequate rights to access this directory.” When a user meets QuickBooks installation error 1303 displays.

QuickBooks Error Code 1303
QuickBooks Error Code 1303

The error code indicates that there are errors and misconfigurations in the Windows operating system and QuickBooks installation. However, resolving QuickBooks installation problems may often be difficult, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the proper procedure. Regardless of your level of familiarity with handling QuickBooks problems, you can easily resolve QuickBooks Desktop error 1303 by following the troubleshooting methods outlined in this article.

Reasons for QuickBooks Error Code 1303

QuickBooks Error 1303 usually occurs during the installation process and is caused by the following:

  1. QuickBooks installation inaccuracies.
  2. The Everyone and System groups do not have Full Control Rights to the installation directory.
  3. Windows File Sharing settings are incorrect.

QuickBooks Error Code 1303: A Step-by-Step Guide

Solution 1: Utilize the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to Resolve Installation Errors

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is intended to help you resolve frequent installation problems caused by faulty Microsoft components such as the.NET Framework, C++, and MSXML. Users need just to launch the programme, and it will automatically fix typical installation problems. This method may resolve QuickBooks Error 1303; but, if it does not, go to the next troubleshooting step.

  1. Download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool by following the link.
  2. When asked, click the Save button to save the file to your desktop.
  3. Once the download is complete, open the file from your desktop and choose, I’m having difficulty installing QuickBooks.
  4. Click OK and wait for QB Install Diagnostic Tool to complete the installation error repair process.
  5. The repair procedure may take up to 25 minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection and your computer’s capabilities.

Solution 2: Give Everyone and the System Group on Windows Full Control Access

If running the installation diagnostic tool did not resolve the issue, the most probable reason for QuickBooks Error 1303 is a lack of appropriate rights for the groups on Windows. As a result of this approach, we will provide the Everyone group and the System group Full Control permission to the Windows installation directory.

  1. To launch Windows File Manager, press the Windows + E buttons on your keyboard simultaneously.
  2. In the address bar at the top of the window, type C: ProgramData COMMON FILES and hit Enter.
  3. Select Properties from the Organize menu in the upper left corner of the window.
  4. Under the Security tab, choose Advanced.
  5. Now, click the Change Permissions option and scroll down to System.
  6. Double-click the System user and tick the Allow list’s Full Control check box.
  7. Select OK and repeat the procedure with the Everyone user.
  8. Click OK on the previous two windows and reinstall QuickBooks; if you continue to get QuickBooks Error 1303, go to the next troubleshooting step.

Solution 3: Modify the Simple File Sharing Configuration

  1. By hitting Windows + E on the keyboard, you may access the Windows File Manager.
  2. Select Folder and Search Options from the Organize menu.
  3. To see the Advanced Settings, choose the View tab and scroll down.
  4. Remove the checkmark next to Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended).
  5. Apply and then OK.
  6. Repeat the QuickBooks installation procedure.


Using the techniques outlined above, you should be able to QuickBooks Error Code 1303. If you get stuck in  QuickBooks Error Code 15106, resolve now. We are here to solve the Quickbooks Error Message H202 if you are stuck in this error then, resolve it now.

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