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Quickbooks Error code 6170

How to fix Quickbooks Error code 6170? Accounting software is critical in today’s corporate environment. Whether a small or big firm, accounting software is very accessible to all types of businesses.

It is regarded as an efficient instrument that enables businesses to handle financial data such as invoices, salaries, total expenditures, and savings, among others.

However, it requires more care and attention to properly manage your accounting programme. It is extensively used to handle accounting problems, corruption, illicit transactions, and a variety of other issues without difficulty.

Additionally, QuickBooks is prone to human mistakes; you should keep certain factors in mind while resolving QuickBooks issues. Why is it necessary to correct errors? It is because it protects you from severe financial loss. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at one of the most often seen QuickBooks issues, code 6170. Get all the details right here.

Quickbooks Error code 6170
Quickbooks Error code 6170

What is the meaning of the QuickBooks error code 6170?


QuickBooks errors have happened for a variety of causes, including incomplete installation, data corruption, unexpected programming codes, and system difficulties. Additionally, the QuickBooks error number 6170 happened unexpectedly when you attempted to access your business file name using your computer. Indeed, faults are always composed of three or four numbers, and notice such as unable to access the corporate file name is shown on the screen.

Are you considering why this occurs? If such is the case, it occurs sometimes as a result of user error. This indicates that you will see this sort of problem when inputting the name of the company file if the business name already exists in the accounting software.

However, you should input a different name for the file you want to access. Additionally, you must bear in mind that the names of each business file should be distinct and unrelated to one another.

Whether it’s consumers, staff, or something else entirely, the name should be distinctive and the data should be crystal clear. As a result, attempt to access the name with unique records to resolve QuickBooks error code 6170.

When Is the Risk of Getting QuickBooks Error ?

Are you curious as to when this issue occurred? If that is the case, allow me to clarify. If you input the name of an already-existing business file on the computer, the Quickbooks error number 6170 occurs. That is why a new file with a similar name does not overwrite the previous file.

To resolve any error issues, you must rename your file as soon as feasible. And, of course, you will be removed from this post and informed about when the QuickBooks problem number 6170 occurs in the system. Therefore, it is preferable to use a unique file name to avoid this kind of error. The following are the many methods in which the mistake occurred.

  1. Establishing a backup
  2. Establishing a business file
  3. How to create a portable file
  4. Making an attempt to access a corporation file
  5. How to close a corporation filing
  6. Closing a window containing a corporate file

How Do I Fix It?

Are you looking for a way to fix QuickBooks Error Code 6170 or QuickBooks Error Code 6160? Are you looking for the most effective strategy to resolve them? If this is the case, the following procedures and advice will assist you in resolving the issue quickly and efficiently. Of fact, you do not need further force to settle this unforeseen circumstance. If problem 6170 occurs when entering the business name, then you need immediately make some adjustments to the file name.

Solution 1: Change Your Business’s Name To The Local C Drive

  1. Transfer the company’s name from the local file to drive C.
  2. Then, from C drive, open the company’s name.
  3. Conserve the file’s name and create a portable version
  4. Close the company’s name file
  5. Restore the file’s original name from the C disc and save it to the local server
  6. Then, input the name of your company’s file.
  7. Make an attempt to open the specified file from your local server.

Solution 2: Update Your QuickBooks Support Software Version

  1. Please visit the website.
  2. Download the most recent version of the QuickBooks accounting software.
  3. Permit them to install.
  4. Then, carry out any necessary procedures.
  5. Select and carry out the procedures necessary to access the firm file name.


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