QuickBooks Error 1706 Point of Sale Update Problem

QuickBooks Error 1706
QuickBooks Error 1706

QuickBooks factor of Sale is a remarkable software that allows its users to seamlessly and effectively control revenue, customers, and stocks. Even though QuickBooks accounting software customers find the QuickBooks selling point quite beneficial, they run into errors associated with it from time to time. QuickBooks error 1706 is one of them.

QuickBooks 1706 errors can occur when a person attempts a setup from removable media, such as a CD or DVD. While there are some hassles with setting up QB POS, a consumer can also get QuickBooks error code 1706. A person can get QuickBooks POS error 1706 while trying to start the installer of the point of sale. The error message that appears on the screen says that a legitimate supply was not determined while searching to open POS.
Quickbooks is the best option for managing your company’s accounts. It provides various provisions for taking care of payroll and taxes. Quickbooks is available in many variants and has different features included in these versions. Some issues are associated with the program, such as the 1706 code and QuickBooks payroll, which can be fixed by following the instructions below.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 1706

  1. Issues related to the framework’s microsoft.net configuration. The files appear to be fragmented.
  2. Numerous applications are running simultaneously on the system.
  3. The beta version of framework 1.1 is installed on your computer.
  4. The DVD is damaged; therefore, the installed components are not configured correctly on your system.
  5. Hardware-related issues or RAM issues.
  6. Registry entry problems in the registry base.
  7. Simple fixes to resolve error 1706

You can start by going to the official Microsoft website to download the repair tool. Once you locate the Download Now button on the web page, you can click it to start the download. This will open a dialog asking you to save the file.

You can save the file to your computer and continue with the download, which will take some time depending on your internet connectivity. Once the download is complete, you can start the tool as an administrator. When the repair is complete, you can check if the Quickbooks error 1706 is resolved.

Run System File Checker

Problems with system files can cause error 1706 to appear on your screen monitor. To fix this, you can open a command prompt and then type the command sfc /scan now and hit enter. This will start the System File Checker scan.
Once it completes, you can reboot the machine and inspect if the error code 1706 has been fixed or not.