Quickbooks error code 1000

While attempting to send payroll or entering employee direct deposit information, you may see an issue with the error message code 1000. Certain users have reported receiving QuickBooks error code 1000 while attempting to perform the EOD in QuickBooks Desktop or POS.

If you receive an error 1000 with the unique status code 142020, this indicates that you are experiencing difficulties with the suppliers you have entered in the vendor centre.

The user entering an erroneous PIN is one of the most common causes of QuickBooks error message 1000. Continue reading the article for comprehensive troubleshooting instructions. 

Quickbooks error code 1000
Quickbooks error code 1000

What is Payroll Error 1000 in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks requires user authentication prior to working with payroll; every time you access payroll, QuickBooks will prompt you to enter the payroll PIN that you selected during payroll setup.

  • If you input your payroll PIN incorrectly, various error warnings may show on the screen. These error messages appear when payroll is sent, the Payroll Tax Center is opened, or the Payroll Account Maintenance page is accessed. The following are possible error messages if you enter an invalid payroll PIN:
  • The PIN has been entered wrongly an excessive number of times. We’ve temporarily disabled access to the payroll service for security reasons. Solution Re-enter your pin after 15 minutes. [Code 1000]
  • Problem Your PIN is invalid. Solution Reply with your PIN.
  • Your PIN must be between eight and twelve characters in length and contain at least one letter and one digit.
  • Caps Lock and Num Lock should be disabled, and your PIN should be entered carefully. [Code 1001]
  • Three times, you’ve input an erroneous PIN. Kindly attempt again later.

Consider the following:

  • If you receive an error notice indicating that you entered an erroneous pin with the error code 1000, try a new payroll PIN that you believe is correct.
  • Ensure that the Caps Lock is switched off and that the Num Lock is turned on if you are entering digits from the right side of the keyboard.
  • Consider inputting your password in a text editor application so that you can see the PIN as it is being typed.
  • If the error notice indicates that your account is temporarily locked, wait 15 minutes and then attempt to log in again with the proper PIN.

How to Fix It?

  • The First Method of Resetting the Payroll PIN
  • To download the QuickBooks PIN Replacement form, click the link.
  • Complete the form to the best of your ability.
  • Include a copy of any government-issued identification.
  • Complete the form and send it to Intuit®.
  • To obtain a new payroll PIN, contact support.