QuickBooks POS Socket Error 10060


QuickBooks POS Socket Error 10060 is a connection timeout error that QuickBooks users face while processing a debit card or credit card payment. If you want complete details on how you can fix it and what are the causes of such error, you can read it carefully.

With credit cards and debit cards in the system, the connection must be active and functional. A connection that is idle often leads to QuickBooks error 10060.

What are the main Causes of QuickBooks POS Error 10060

Causes & Impact of Quickbooks POS Error 10060

  1. Socket connection issue
  2. EFT Server Problem
  3. Poor internet connectivity
  4. Security software blocks network connection

So How to Resolve this QuickBooks POS Error

QuickBooks POS Socket Error 10060 is an error that occurs when the connection between the QuickBooks Point of Sale software and the server is interrupted or timed out. This error message indicates that the server did not respond within the specified time frame.

To resolve this issue, you can try the following solutions:

  1. Verify your internet connection: Ensure that your internet connection is stable and working correctly. You can test your internet connection by opening a web browser and visiting a website.
  2. Check firewall settings: Make sure that the QuickBooks Point of Sale software is allowed to communicate through your firewall. You can add an exception for the QuickBooks Point of Sale software in your firewall settings.
  3. Check server settings: Ensure that the server settings are correct. Double-check the server name, port number, and other connection settings in the QuickBooks Point of Sale software.
  4. Restart QuickBooks Point of Sale: Sometimes, restarting the QuickBooks Point of Sale software can resolve the Socket Error 10060. To do this, close the software and then reopen it.
  5. Contact technical support: If none of the above solutions work, contact QuickBooks technical support for further assistance. They may be able to diagnose the issue and provide a solution.

Solution 3: In case of Multiple workstation is in use, then use that computer where the credit card is being processed

For these solutions, there are some following steps

  1. Visit Edit menu > Select Preferences
  2. Now select Company
  3. Choose Communication setup
  4. Check “Use this computer for all credit card and debit transaction” option is selected. If not, Click on the change to this device
  5. Save now
  6. Close the window and reopen your Point of Sale
  7. Locate Tools menu > User Information
  8. View if WS-EFT server is there under the workstations. If yes, Process the card