QuickBooks error code 6240

How to Resolve QuickBooks error code 6240? QuickBooks is a widely used accounting software that is easily accessible to both small and big businesses. This simple but efficient application enables employers and businesses to effectively handle their financial information, such as invoices, salaries, and other expenditures.

On the other hand, QuickBooks is a very complex accounting programme. The problem is that it is very prone to mistakes, corruption, and has an excessive number of difficulties.

QuickBooks error code 6240
QuickBooks error code 6240

Due to the fact that QuickBooks software always allows for human mistakes, you should be aware of specific QuickBooks error codes and how to resolve them. This will assist you in avoiding further complications, such as financial loss. In this post, we’ll look at one of the most frequent QuickBooks error codes, 6240. After thoroughly reading the post, you will be able to quickly resolve this problem with your accounting application anytime it occurs.

What is the meaning of QuickBooks error code 6240?

When using QuickBooks software, consumers often encounter QuickBooks error number 6240. This error number indicates the existence of a duplicate name. This indicates that you are attempting to insert an already-existing name in the QuickBooks account.

In this case, you must provide a different name to bypass the problem code. Bear in mind that QuickBooks requires that each name associated with the software account be unique. Regardless of the kind of contact, whether it is a vendor, employee, or consumer, it is critical to provide a unique name that includes inactive data.

In basic terms, QuickBooks uses the display name as the unique identification for employees, vendors, and customers. Attempting to add another record with a similar display name to an existing one generates this error number. Additionally, it requires you to use a new name in order to continue.

When does the QuickBooks error 6240 occur?

Are you considering the circumstances behind the occurrence of Quickbooks error code 6240? If you answered yes, keep in mind that the issue occurs when you attempt to add another record with an identical display name. To help you understand this issue, consider the following error message: [The provided name is already in use by another vendor, employee, or customer. Kindly provide an alternative name].

Now, you will understand when the issue occurs. Thus, attempt to use a unique name for each entry in the future to prevent this issue. If you encounter the same problem frequently, you may fix it by simply following the procedures listed below.

How to troubleshoot QuickBooks problem 6240

Do you want to resolve this problem code and continue conducting your financial transactions uninterrupted? As soon as you become aware of this mistake, you must determine why QuickBooks is complaining about the duplicate name. To determine why you must do a search for any contact stored with the same name as the one you are now trying to utilize. Keep an eye out for inactive records. If you discover a record in your programme, you should rename it following the methods below.

Change the name of an existing QuickBooks record
One of the simplest and most effective methods to give a vendor, client, or employee a new name is to simply put the suffix or prefix before or after the employee, customer, or vendor’s current name. If the record is inactive, then the suffix should be added after the name. The majority of QuickBooks customers use this technique to fix quickbooks problem code 6240. Bear in mind that QuickBooks does not allow the use of some special characters in the display name, such as the comma, colon, alphanumeric, ampersand, question mark, and dot.

Provide an alternative name.
Apart from renaming, you may just change the field’s whole name to avoid additional complications, since you may get confused between the name you added and the current name. Additionally, it contributes to specific issues during times of stress. As a result, it is always preferable to give each record in the tool a fresh and unique name.


Using the techniques outlined above, you should be able to fix QuickBooks error code 6240. If you get stuck in  QuickBooks Error Code 15106, resolve now.