What You Need to Know About QuickBooks Point of Sale

What You Need to Know About QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale

The QuickBooks Point of Sale system has always attracted the attention and curiosity of many people. QuickBooks Point of Sale is one of many QuickBooks products that can be combined or work independently with original QuickBooks business solutions. But for those who are not yet familiar with QuickBooks POS, it’s time to officially introduce this great QuickBooks business product.

What is QuickBooks POS?

QuickBooks POS or QuickBooks Point of Sale is software that works one step above cash registers. Its function is actually to act as a cash register, although it is given more responsibility than normal cash registers. QuickBooks POS is essentially standalone business software that can be used to support the general suite of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.

For more information on QuickBooks Point of Sale, the product is responsible for:

1. Acceptance of Sale
2. Customer Information Tracking
3. Management (maintenance and updating) of inventory records
4. Preparation of commercial reports

Based on these four responsibilities, it can be seen that they fulfill the same role as the cash register, but they are also in charge of some other important tasks and a higher level of service that the cash register cannot do.

real benefits

Behind this four-way functionality, C, and that is increased sales, which should be the number one benefit every business strives for. So how will your business take advantage of these benefits with Q P S?

1. Instant, up-to-date inventory trends for the right mix of products. The answer is simple: By tracking inventory and managing sales profits as efficiently and accurately as possible, merchants can devote their individual attention to growing the business and increasing sales. Accurate sales and inventory records help you determine which products are selling and which are not. This will help you find the right combination of products that promise the highest level of profit.

2. Better commercial approach. Furthermore, by taking such a heavy load off your shoulders and ensuring that sales revenue and inventory management, two of the most important factors related to sales, are already taken care of, QuickBooks Point of Sale gives the user the opportunity to focus on others. pressing business-related issues.

Additional benefits

In addition to these main features of QuickBooks Point of Sale, users of special programs can also get help from QuickBooks Point of Sale to manage customers and keep them coming back. QuickBooks Cash also comes with a broader range of features, including:

1. Mail generation. It is equipped with the right functionality that allows you to generate emails based on customer data you can collect. This way, you can offer your customers special promotions and loyalty programs as a form of customer retention.

2. Business expansion. QuickBooks Point of Sale software also allows you to expand your business by giving you the ability to add additional stores, lanes and even expand into the online business realm where you can set up a fully customizable web store.

QuickBooks POS to choose from

1. QuickBooks Basic Point of Sale Package – Focused on core features and tools for sales tracking, inventory management, and customer management. This is ideal for smaller shops.

2. QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro Package – Offers advanced tools and allows for multiple customization options to help you manage sales, inventory, and your customers the way you want. The Pro package also comes in two forms, one for use by businesses that operate in a larger sphere with their multiple stores, and the other for those who run online stores.

o Multi-store version: you can manage up to 20 stores
o Web Store Version – Allows for great web store design options

All in all, It is a great sales tool. Although QuickBooks Enterprise focuses on overall business success, POS is a tool focused solely on improving sales.